by Deshna

I am thinking of this moment, but when I type now,
the ‘this’ has passed to become ‘that’ moment already.
This thought seems to have initiated a chain of thoughts in my mind:

To be in it /or/ to be of it;
but is it possible to be in it \and\ yet to be of it.

To experience /or/ to document;
but is it possible to experience \and\ yet be able to document.

The observer from the observation /or/ the observation from the observer;
but is it possible that the observer \is\ that observation.

As a graphic designer and a visual artist with a passion for writing, photography and doodling, I have begun to wonder if I have really experienced what I intend expressing through that experience (in its entirety) in the presence of intimate inanimate objects (i.e. my camera, my sketchbook, my pen, my mac) without them changing the experience or being a hindrance in the act of ‘experiencing’. Expressing what one has experienced in itself is only a depiction and not the experience itself.

Perhaps, the ‘process’ then aids in unfurling this depiction (as close as it can get to the experience itself) by depicting itself.

Insights of and from this process have great potential of expression at the various intersections in this conclave at Unbox. I know at some level this is a compromise and contradiction because what we are documenting isn’t ‘is’ but ‘was’ perhaps an hour before, a minute ago, or a mere second heretofore. But then again its the closest we could get to the experience? Perhaps.

Or maybe, just maybe we could dedicate and channelise our energies to create templates to re-create that experience rather than depicting it.

Possibly, experiment with both?

Mark Rothko said, ‘I also hang the pictures low rather than high, and particularly in the case of the largest ones, often as close to the floor as is feasible, for that is the way they are painted.’