Writing for Design

by Ruchita


by Madhvi Nawani

Away from the main city, this year the Unbox festival was located on MG Road at a farmhouse called Zorba. Although I have lived in this city my whole life, this place seemed like a world of its own. There were people from various creative fields and creative people from not so creative field. What reminded me that I was in fact in New Delhi was the Indian wedding celebrations next door. The organizers at Unbox must have really picked their brain to change the whole experience of the festival and I would say it was a good attempt.

Instead of the seminars being held at an auditorium, there was an Amphitheatre. The chairs were cane stools which in Hindi are called ‘muddas’. Some of the participants were just sitting on the grass. It was interesting but the sun was too bright and the presentation was not clearly visible on the screen. However, speakers were enthusiastic and presented with zeal despite of the problems they faced. The day was divided in between seminars, workshops and electives that one could choose as per their interest. The topics ranged from brewing beer to printing on t-shirts to design writing. I liked how there were different spaces for each of these are they were designed specifically to depict that. I particularly liked the Absolut stall, which looked like a place to relax with colourful lighting, and white frills on the ceiling. The day ended with soft Indian music at the Amphitheatre.

As unique and interesting the workshops were, I would have liked a few to be specific of Graphic Design as the organizers are experts in the field and I would take make more value from the festival. I would love to participate in typography, advertising, more interative mediums. Another interesting workshop could be merging different disciplines of designs like graphic and textile or products.


Madhvi Nawani is a graphic designer from Delhi. She participated in the Writing for Design workshop led by Teal Triggs at the Unbox Festival 2013.