Telling Tales

by Mohor Ray

There are stories unfolding around us all the time. More so, in a situation like the UnBox Festival, which brings together a vibrant mix of practitioners whose work lies at the intersection of several domains of knowledge and practice. In the past 2 editions of the Festival, I have been privy to (and eavesdropper on) many interesting conversations—growing both onstage and offstage. Traditional modes of festival reportage build stories, but in parts—the photographers take pictures, the filmmakers shoot footage, the writers pen their accounts. The conversations—exciting and sometimes just beginning—are often lost in singular mediums. The idea of the Zine Press starts here.

The core team of the Zine Press, each of them diverse in their viewpoints and expressions, will build the story of UnBox 2013 together. Astonishing things happen when people work together. The very fact that together we will be able to create a new ‘how’ to tell the story is exciting. Chances are that ‘how’ we tell the story will bring new meaning to the content itself.

And while I have been mulling on this post for the past 2 days, I chanced upon this blogpost by fellow designer and teller of tales – Soo Basu. It is a befitting addition to my current pondering on the medium changing the way we tell and consume stories.