The Zine Press at the Unbox Festival 2013 will be a live studio exploring collaborative efforts of design writing and documentation, with the objective to create a rich narrative of conversations at the festival.

Communication design practice & UnBox co-founder Codesign, will facilitate the studio experience, as part of their ongoing initiatives like the Dekho book to create original content rooted in the context of Indian creative practices. The Zine Press will be mentored by Prof Teal Triggs— Associate Dean at Royal College of Art, London and internationally recognized for her experience with the Zine format. Supporting her is a curated group of creative professionals from India—each with their unique experience of creating independent content. Participants at the festival will be encouraged to share their contributions with the Zine Press. The Zine Press will culminate in the creation of a festival journal as a takeaway of the vibrant process of assimilating diverse journeys in the act of content creation & dissemination.

Zine Press is supported by the British Council and is a part of the British Council program that supports the development of a new generation of design writers, curators and ambassadors in India.